Friday, December 1, 2017

C.A.R. - Wednesday 6th @ 21.00

A quest for musical spirituality in the twenty-tens. At Bluefrog Bengaluru! Four young musicians transform their musical faith into C.A.R. With flaming empathy they develop a trip-like melange of jazz and electronics, improvisation and experiment, science fiction and film noir, krautrock and cyberpunk.

Gleaming energy, kaleidoscopic thoughtfulness, subtle finesse and an undeniable love for the beat - capitalisation of an intoxicating mix: C.A.R.

C.A.R. was founded in 2011 by Johannes Klingebiel and Kenn Hartwig in Cologne, Germany.

Originally a quintet playing wild experimental jazz music with a pop approach, they eventually kicked the guitar and found their strength to be a subtly flowing mélange of kraut-like arrangements infused with electronic and jazz sounds. Their tunes leave a lot of space for improvisation, but not in classical jazz way with one soloist dominating the music, but always as a delicate web of sound which has a potential to take their audience on an enticing trip.

Among the highlights of the band´s career were gigs at festivals such as at Fusion and L*abore. The first album "Beyond the Zero", released in 2014 was well received by audiences and critics alike. This was followed this summer by the EP "Interlude" and plans for a new album later in the year.

Leonhard explores jazz, experimental music and free improvisation in different ensembles. He uses prepared instruments, microtonality and extended playing techniques. While saxophone is his main instrument, he recently got into overtone singing, analog synthesizers and non-common-place electronic effects. He combines these in a novel way and thus pushes the boundaries of what a lead instrumentalist can achieve in a band context.

Christian got involved with the electronic side and developed an affinity for synthesizers and vintage electronics. When playing with C.A.R. his setup features a Wurlitzer Stage Piano made in the '70s, top modern analog synthesizer Oberheim OB-6 and an ancient Echolette NG51 tape echo. Enhancing his tonal capabilities this way, he established a deep signature sound which makes him stand out from the generic jazz pianist crowd.

Though the truth that music is mostly about its sound, Kenn at one point started to move the world of guitar effect pedals into his own realm of the double bass. Not satisfied with being stuck with what other people think sounded good, he eventually developed an interest for transistors, capacitors, solder - the stuff of which dreams are made - and began building pedals for himself, which he now uses to vastly shape the sound of C.A.R.

Since his childhood, Johannes has played in all kinds of formations from classical orchestra to rock band. Today his focus lies in his work with C.A.R. as a producer and DJ of electronic music. He regularly plays at festivals and club nights in cities like Berlin, Antwerp, Madrid or Prague, playing techno and deep house. He also was one of the cofounders and bookers of now extinct underground techno club "Jack Who" in Cologne Ehrenfeld and plays live drums for acclaimed electronic pop group Vimes.

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