Friday, October 13, 2017

Theatre for children Woodbeat by Helios Theater, Germany - Saturday 21st @ 15.30 + 19.30

The sound of wood

"Not only the scenery caused enthusiasm, but also the wood figures created by Michael Lurse, which again and again suddenly emerged from the wood chips and disappeared again. There were wooden figures that looked like animals. They looked for a play fellow, hopped around, made merry sounds or balanced on the tree disks. With the figures, Lurse represented not only feelings, but produced also them in the small spectators.

The children were all absorbed by each balancing act, were frightened when the wooden logs fell down or were pleased about the funny invitations. Apart from the visual aspects however, the performance was a special sound experience. Lurse and his colleague, the Percussionist Andrés Cabrera took children as well as adults to a world of wooden sounds: The wood whined, wood logs were struck together, the wood chips rustled and the figures cleared their ways with knocking and hammering through the wooden landscape.

With WOODBEAT under the direction of Barbara Kölling, HELIOS Theater shows another wonderful performance for the very young. It is part of the countrywide project "theatre from the beginning" and was developed in cooperation with the Théâtre Jeune Public from Strasbourg."
- Westfälischer Anzeiger, February 25, 2008

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